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25 Year Reunion - The Planning Has Begun

The 25 year reuion is now in the planning stages. Andrea Rossini, Christine Erickson Carlson, Gini Grandstrand Hasselquist, Becky Johnson Carlson, Keith Kennedy, and Paul Fredrickson have decided to join forces to plan the 25 year runion with help from Jill Danielson and Dana Drake Bergerson. We are encouraging anyone not on Facebook to join as Facebook will be the primary place to get info on the reunion and the class in general. The class Facebook page can be found at...  for now.


Zita Josepha Lichtenberg - Chisago County Press - March 22, 2011

3/22/2011 11:26:00 AM
Zita Josepha Lichtenberg


Zita Josepha Lichtenberg, 41, employee and independent consultant at the World Bank for the last 15 years, died suddenly at her home in Washington, D.C., on March 15.

A 1987 honor graduate of Chisago Lakes High School, she graduated from Columbia University with Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa honors. She spent two years as an exchange teacher in Takarabe schools on Kyushu Island in Japan, then moved to London, UK, where she earned a masters degree in journalism from City University. Following a paid internship as a reporter for the Duluth News Tribune, she moved to Washington, DC, where her fluency in Japanese (as well as Spanish and German) and journalistic skills earned her a correspondent position at NHK television network. Her duties included reporting on White House, State Department and Pentagon activities.

Memorial Celebration for Zita Lichtenberg

Date: Saturday March 26thZita Lichtenberg
Where: University Club, 420 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN, 55102
Time: 2pm-5pm There will be a short program around 3pm.
Appetizers and cookies/coffee will be provided and there will be a cash bar.

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Cards for Zita can be sent to her brother...
Brett Lichtenberg
4680 Fern Street
Medina, MN 55359

Check back often for more info. This is the Facebook Event listing


Update from Brett...

Zita's Apartment
by Brett Lichtenberg on Friday, March 18, 2011 at 10:01am

Yesterday was another long one.  We emptied out her entire apartment, and if you knew her like I did, you would know that she saved everything.  The upside of this was that I found things in her storage that didn't even know still existed.  This also made for slow progress - pick something up, start crying, pick something else up, start crying, pick something else up...  You get the idea.  Once again Zita's friends came to the rescue, providing trucks, packing things, carrying, storing.  It would have been impossible for us to do this ourselves.

I myself have never been a saver.  But I suddenly found myself wanting to save everything that had any memory associated with it, which was a lot.  So I had to keep telling myself "None of these things will bring her back".  In the end I pulled out several items that have special significance to me or others in her life.

This whole trip, it seems, has been imbued with the bittersweet, the compromise, the difficult choice.  Meeting her wonderful friends has been truly incalcuable in value, but it makes me sad that I didn't do this WITH her years ago.  Coming to accept her reasons behind her final choice helps me be at peace with losing her, but I still miss her tremendously.  And dismantling the apartment she loved allowed me to learn very personal things about her that I never would have otherwise known, but was also heartwrenching.

I am going back today and will take pictures, but here as a photo from the rooftop.


Memorials for Zita Lichtenberg

Today by Brett Lichtenberg on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 11:42pm


Today was tough, but we were able to put a lot of the pieces of the puzzle together and make some decisions. There will be a memorial gathering for Zita this Friday in Washington DC, at 6pm at the World Bank. If you are not a World Bank employee, please send your first and last name to Ida Mori ( so we can get your name on the list.


We will be having a similar memorial in Minnesota on Saturday, March 26th. The time and place for this event have not yet been chosen.


Thanks again to all of you who have responded with your prayers and thoughts; It really does help. Seeing the extent to which she was loved, admired and respected has been a cathartic and life-changing event for me, and I can say that today, tough as it was, has helped me come to terms with losing her.

             Zita Lichtenberg


Update from Brett...Wednesday March 16th at 2:07pm

We finally got her papers and are going to read them in her apartment.

Posted on Facebook Wednesday March 16th at 2:07pm

Zita's apartment in D.C.

A memory of Zita... by Jill Lauritzen-Ertl

Jill Lauritzen-Ertl

I will always remember Zita's amazing grace, poise, beauty and intelligence. I am send my sympathies to her close friends and family at this time...her loss is truly extraordinary.

Sincerely, Jill

A memory of Zita…

Words and pictures from friends and family

Update from Brett...

Zita was loved tremendously here (DC). Her friends are putting together a book with thoughts and pictures. At the World Bank alone, there have been several hundred responses already.

Update from Brett...

Brett Lichtenberg

Here in DC. We did not have a chance to go to the apartment tonight. My mom and I are staying with Zita's friends, and they are wonderful people. They are helping us with everything, taking us where we need to go, cooking for us, and giving us a glimpse into who my sister was and how she lived over the past few years. Her choice of friends is a reflection of the beautiful person she was.


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